September 21, 2010

looking for a job/ for a better future/ tomorrow is the day

as a senior in college, waiting to graduate on december, 
it is time to look for an internship, a job; full-time or half-time..

and tomorrow is the day..
we have a career fair, which many companies are going to come, 
and we will talk for a second with each, introduce ourselves, try to be recognized, try to be chosen..
tomorrow is the day for my new future
if it happens it happens,
if not, then i will have to go back to istanbul once I graduate

tomorrow is the day..
that i need to shine, that i need to be recognized.
tomorrow might be day for a better future

wish me luck!

1 comment:

Soné said...

heya i am on the job hunt as well! hope it goes well good luck!



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