September 5, 2010

new pro

so, I bought a new Macbook Pro.. I had my old one for almost 4 or 5 years now.. 
It still works, I still can write my dear blog.. 
but, I needed a new one.. 
a girl needs her laptop.. her new laptop.. 
a new beginning, new essays, new life,, 
i love my life but there are parts that are going to change..
I am a senior so my school life is coming to an end. 
i need to find a job.. 
I am in what I believe is a serious relationship.
i love you "my baby"
what was I talking about?
oh my new macbook pro.. 
so, it has been a week almost maybe 4-5 days, since I ordered my new mbp..
I am waiting for it.. I check the order everyday, every hour almost..
please come soon! 

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