September 7, 2010

the american

we heard this movie was great.. 
judging from the poster and the trailer, it seemed to be a good idea to spend our labor day evening watching it.. 
we were not smart!
I was either expecting too much, or was just not in the mood, or this movie was plain boring.
I love art, I love movies, I love george clooney. But this.. it was too much.
started out silent with a lot of suspense.. 
until the end, I heard my friends saying "there has to be something before the end, there has to be" 
nope there wasn't..
you know what the easiest way to end or even have a movie is right? 
sex and love. 
an assassins last job was somehow tied to these 2 basic elements of life too. 
isn't that just playing it safe? 
and by the way, he might have a wonderful body- especially at his age, but still, don't expect him to be running, or any action scenes like in any of the "Bourne" movies. 
its just a depressed assassins few days.. 

but no matter what- isn't he adorable?

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