September 5, 2010


It is my 5th year in DC.. 5 years and there are plenty of places I have never been to..
5 years but there is this ignorance around me, this illiterate cloud surrounding me. 

so I did some research on the best restaurants around.. here is the list.. 
*some might have links to their own pages*

 komi is supposed to be this restaurant that has been on the top 100 list for over 3 years.. they are #1 this year.. 
but the thing is, you need to make reservations 1 month ahead.. or else they have no available tables! 
they are that good!

 one of my friends suggested this place years ago and I never went.. 
look at the website and you will see why they are popular.. 
I just came back from dinner *now* and believe me those photos made me hungry!

 this place is another amazing!
the wolfgang puck asian fusion restaurant! 
I so want to go here!

this is one of the places I have been to.. We went there for "my baby"s birthday..
amazing! the food we had, the service it was just too good!
we had the wine pairing with our menu, and it just made everything better.. 
it was romantic and special!
just as I wished it would be.. and he loved it!

 been here too.. great food. great ambiance. can go here with friends, with family members or with your special one.. trust me, the food you taste will be good! no matter what you have

if you want to drink the best frozen margarita in town, this is the place to go.. 
not just their drinks but their food is really good..
they don't take reservations and there is usually an hour long wait at the door- yes again, it is that good!
so it is another must go place!

this is all I can think of right now.. 

oh and tonight.. we went  to RUGBY with friends.. it is this place where you can hang out with friends, have a beer, definitely try the home made guacamole and chips..

 image via weheartit

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