April 29, 2011

the wedding

Just like the whole world did, I watched the Royal Wedding live on TV. Even though I was at work, we all were gathered infront of a PC or infront of a tv to get a glance at the wedding, to wait and see Kate's wedding dress... 
I was speechless and amazed at the beauty I saw.. 
I never payed any attention to Kate before.. but today, she was gorgeous.. 
(and yes, I am aware - it is her wedding day)

No, but I am sure you get what I am trying to say.. 
the details on her dress, the elegance, the modern and young touch.. 
I think she had the perfect wedding dress ever!

Personally, I would love and just love to wear her dress! 
It is going in my book of inspirations -  to the whatever and how many years I have ahead of me to dream of - my own wedding that will hopefully become a reality one day.. 


uhooi said...

wow..amazing dress...!!!!

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Tereza Anton said...

She was so beautiful.


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