April 20, 2011


I adore braids.. I adore any kind of braid..
these are just adoreable.. and I want to try each and every one of these..
I do some of them but would love to be a braid professional and do all of them on my own..
these braids would make every morning so much easier..
waking up at 7 am, taking a shower and then spending time deciding what to wear, and how to wear your hair, is a hustle.. so instead, you could take the "how to wear your hair" from the equation and spend more time deciding what you will wear.. while braiding your hair..
(that did ryhme, didn't it..)

does anyone know how to do this braid (below)???
if you do please let me know!


Meggie said...

I love braids too, great pics you inspired my hairstyle for tomorrow :)

Great Blog!!


The Gabee Girls said...

I need to learn to braid like this too... I hate spending forever on my hair... plus braids always just look so dang adorable!!!


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