April 12, 2011

realization and inspiration

I just realized that I have not been a good blogger.. I have not been actively posting, probably due to my lack of energy.. so sorry for that.. (if you have missed me)

And I realized another thing.. It is April, almost mid-April and here in Istanbul we still have a chilly weather that prohibits us from enjoying the sun or any kind of warm weather. So I looked around for some summer inspirations.. (Since I am in the mood for some warm weather, that I can enjoy at the 'Terrace' at my work.. When the sun shines, and shows its face, we at my work, the whole company, just moves to the "terrace" to enjoy good company and the warmth that hits your face.. I want that right now!

So here is some inspiration...

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I am jealous you get the option to move your work outside if it's nice...the sun merely stares at me through windows that you cannot even open here at work...so I try my best to bask in it at my desk while I do paperwork...sending warm wishes your way!


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