April 7, 2011

almost 5

It is almost 5 am in Istanbul and I just had the chance to get into my bed.. my flight landed something past 3, and coming home, taking a shower took so long.. that I am writing now, on here, because I feel like I might pass out any minute now..

Lisbon was quite the fun! As I told you before I went for business purposes and stayed a couple days. I met some incredible people! such a fun crowd, that welcomed me.. I was first a little anxious because I knew no one, however things turned out to be great and I believe I made friends rather than colleagues.

I want to share photos with you but you are going to have to wait.. I am too tired to get my camera and upload anything!

so, take care!! xoxo

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Glad things turned out well for you! Looking forward to some pictures (and more stories!!)


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