April 26, 2011

furnish and decorate / amazing!

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them.. all images are from 9gag.com !

First is the book bed! what an idea! amazingly fun!

this is an incredible design.. can you imagine the view...
you are swimming over your garden.. or your entrance door..
it might be scary (a little) but the idea of it is just - amazing!

everyone has corners in their house... (I have never seen a room without corners - this might be a design idea by the way)
so these frames, might actually bring something new to the table..
sick and tired of the straight wall frames.. then buy these!
wonder where we can get them! ?

can't get pets in your building - like me - then get fish..
and what better than this?
this is just amazingly beautiful! so inspirational..
it looks like a hamster playground- but for fish!


Mandy said...

love that fish bowl! I have never seen anything like that for any animal other than a hamster! Who says they have all the fun?

Also, the pool over rooms in the house is quite unique!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! NIce :) I especially love the pool ;)


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