April 23, 2011

5 things I want!!

I want a sewing machine! and I want the ability and the knowledge to use the sewing machine to create.. 
to create anything.. clothing, or just stuff.. I just want to know!

I want to read! Read all the books in the world, from past to present.. I wish I had all the time to read..

I want to play! I want to play Monopoly and other board games constantly. I miss playing games! 

I want to create Junk Journals! This is a must for me.. This is on the top of my to do list now.. But first I have to learn how it is done ! :) 

I want to be with "my baby" as soon as possible.. 13 days left.. and counting 

what do you want? 

1 comment:

Mandy said...

It's funny you should say you want a sewing machine to create things too! Just this past week I have been looking at a bunch of sewing blogs and have fallen in love with things that I to want to create! I do have a sewing machine, although I haven't used one in over 4 years, so my insecurities about jumping back in and messing things up and getting frustrated may have me beat for a bit...

Your wants sound great...I miss playing board games with friends and family too...

13 more days (probably less since I am posting a couple days after your original post!)


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