July 29, 2010

everyone must be ready

So, if you have an elderly in your family who is struggling with being old and being sick.. you know what I'm going to talk about.. or not even an elderly but someone who gets sick every other day and wants to see the doctor..

My grandfathers has alzheimers.. so I know what going to the hospital and having to spend weeks there means.. I know how hospitals work, with all their paperwork and all the prescriptions and all the different doctors you have to see.. all this crammed in your mind, it is more than easy to forget something..

I saw this incredibly handy little folder.. It is made just for your medical reasons, has a pad which you can note your next doctors appointment.. has sections which you can file your bills and other reports you got back.. everything you need to keep you medical history organized..

I know this will be handy because my mom does all the organizing for my family and also for both my grandma and grandpa.. She has different folders for the each of us.. Even if we have to go to see a doctor about anything, she has the folder with her, and has all the answers to what the doctor might ask..

My point is.. even though I started out by talking about the elderly, you don't need to be old to keep your medical history organized.. Having everything in order can make life easier, especially in emergencies.

So here is my suggestion: take a look at it..

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