July 28, 2010

candle light

Birthdays I believe are special, they are a special occasion to give gifts, to celebrate life and share it with loved ones. Some people think a gift should be something expensive, but I believe it is the thoughts that count. A gift that reminds you of the person once you see it, is probably the best choice. ;I always try to bake a cake or little cupcakes for my friends on their birthdays, something I spent time on, I made and not store bought. However, I always forget to buy candles. -what is a birthday cake without its beautifully lit candles? I came across these different, creative ideas for candles while I was supposed to be working- shhh!

This one is a huge candle that will be enough, no need for a crowd. Once you but it on I'm sure everyone will be talking about it. And it will definitly be a suprise for the bday boy/girl..

2 others that caught my eye were, the matchstick candles and the lighter candles. The matchstick box has 12 candles whereas the lighter box has 6 in it. These 2 will be a reason for conversation because of there distinctness.

Isn't it better to be creative on an occasion like this than to just celebrate it with regular candles?

Make the bday person happy! - enjoy!

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