July 29, 2010


Its summer right? When weather was all sunshine and no clouds, in 2 seconds the blue skies turned grey.. Water and rain all over.
Shocked and soaked, me and "m" we ran to the side. We wondered through shops, hoping we would find an umbrella. An umbrella in the middle of july? Of course not an easy brake.
But at last we went into a store which sells really cute things, which I will post later on, called karinca, "ant".. Purple of course.. We got 2 purple umbrellas.. When I look at this picture all I want to say is "I'm singing in the rain" :)
No matter the rain.. No matter the grey skies.. Running under the rain, laughing-probably because we were shocked was a lot of fun.
Summer rain, autumn rain.. Its just rain.. And one must never forget that rain can be fun too.. If you have a purple umbrella then you can have more fun than others..

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