July 27, 2010

destination -> cesme

Had a wonderful vacation this past weekend with my boyfriend and his friends. I was more than excited because I had a hard week at work, had to do a lot of phone calls and drafts.. It was time for a break..

We went to Cesme, Izmir- in the Aegian Region of Turkey. A wonderful place to relax, have fun, surf and many more things to do. We stayed at Alacati, incredible little town; little streets filled with cafes, restaurants and little shops.

When you enter the water, you have soft sand under your toes, cold water trying to reach your body, a little shiver, then your in..

I think everyone who visits Cesme would fall in love and just not wanna leave. - that's what happened to me. I didn't want to come back a desk full of paperwork waiting for me.

Anyways... Cesme, Cesme.. made all of happy..
We had such a good time, dined well, drank lots of alcohol, tanned-even though we didn't try, and swam more than we wanted.

Had a blast I must say. Had a wonderful time with my "baby". can't wait for our next get away.. hope its not too far..

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