July 27, 2010


A 22 year old girl, senior in college, living in Washington DC, far away from home.. I guess this does summarize who I am... No, it doesn't but.. this is why I got this blog started.

I travel around, I love to read and write.. I love to take pictures. I love movies and TV shows..Listening to music is a daily routine..

Love, I am in love with Love.. You must believe in love, even if it might bring you heartache.. still that's the experience you need inorder to appreciate "the one".
I found "the one".. very special, very kind, and a very handsome boy.. you'll hear more about him later.. not now..
So, first post..
I'm excited but also a little afraid. I have a lot of ideas, but don't know where to start.how to keep this running.. by time I'm sure I'll get used to it..

I hear some asking, "what is this blog about?" - it's about everything and anything.. it's about life itself and what it might bring..

so, Welcome, and I hope you enjoy it..

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