July 28, 2010

back to school 2010

So, even though there is still time, going back to school is always exciting. I remember my first time, packing was hard.. I didn't know what to take with me since I was going about 5300 miles away from home. I wanted to take everything I had. not a smart choice. Most colleges have small dorms, you are not alone in that room, you share the space.. so be smart with your choices.. with time you'll see how much stuff you can buy in just 4 months to fill up that room.

1- Storage is really important.. make sure you have storage boxes.. use the space you have efficiently..

2- Closet you won't have the same space as you have back at home.. be smart.. find new ways of organizing you closet so you have space for your old clothes and the new ones..

3- Desktop you are going to have a lot of books and ofcourse your laptop with you all the time.. plan to have an organized desk so that once you wakeup 10 mins late for your 8:00am class you don't get the wrong book..

don't forget to design your part of the room as your own.. its going to be your home from now on... put pictures, posters, designs, what ever you want that you never had the chance to do.. make it your own.. own it.. have fun with it..

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