July 30, 2010

Standard Supply

My favorite bag has become the Marc by Marc Jacobs Standar Supply Classic Denim Weekender Bag.
I have it with me everywhere I go.. (as you can see on the "rain" post)

Its huge! I can put everything I want and need. I don't like small bags which forces you to choose between your daily goods. I want to be able to carry my huge wallet, my makeup, colorful pens, my laptop because of work, and my dear calendar.

This bag is incredible because it carries it all and is still lite which allows you to put what ever comes in your hand.

Style.. do I even have to say anything?.. It's Marc Jacobs, a girls best friend :) Price- really affordable. And one of the best parts about this bag is it has a full-on zip, so keeping things in isn't an issue..

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