January 17, 2011

back at home, for the last time

For years I called this 1 bedroom apartment my home.. 
For years I knew this city as my home town, as a familiar place, I claimed to know the best places in town, and all the other joys.. 

Washington, DC was home for me for these past almost 5 years.. 
but in 2 weeks I have to say goodbye to home and go back to Istanbul to start a new life, a new plan, a whole new different stage of my lifetime. 

First I was a baby, then a student and now I will become a working grown up..
I wish I could have started my career in DC (at home), close to those who I keep closest to my heart..
but when life gives you an opportunity, you have to take it or else I just might have made the biggest mistake in my life. 

I know it is not going to be easy, it is not going to be al pleasant and fun.. but instead it is going to be educating, tiring, frustrating yet satisfying.. (I hope)..

"my baby" and I are going to have to work hard at somethings, make sacrifices, be understanding, listen, talk and communicate better, show affection in ways that might be new to us, maybe even learn how to write a letter and send it from the post office for the first time.. 
Special days, like a birthday or Valentine's day might be celebrated over Skype, or a package sent to an address.. or just one rose that has been dried for a few moths and a memory from the past.. 

For the last time I am at home.. and I only have 15 days to pack, store and ship everything.. everything that I have saved in this 1 bedroom apartment, all my memories with friends and my sweet "my baby".. has to be bubble wrapped and stored in a climate controlled box..how un-romantic is this?

I have blabbed more than I should.. 
last point: 
we are back in DC... 

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