January 5, 2011

I had my BIG interview/meeting yesterday that I told you so little about... as you might know - I recently graduated from college and am looking for a job..
My plans has always been to stay in the States, close to "my baby", and trying to make a career..
but I got this phone call a couple of weeks ago that changed my plans..

I went in around 2:30 and got out close to 5:00pm...

I met 4 wonderful people; whom I will be working with, if I get the job.. I really liked them and I hope they feel the same way with me..

Interviews are really stressful, especially if you are just out of college and have little experience with it..
I never know how to sit, what to say and not to say... I find it easier to be myself and open up..
{I might have opened up too much-maybe}

however.. in conclusion... I am more than excited...

not many of my friends in DC know the consequences of me getting this job.. they don't know that I plan to move back to Turkey; and I doubt that they read this blog.. but once I tell them- I hope they will be happy for me.. it is really hard for me to think about leaving all of them behind.. let alone I have to do it..

in my interview a gentleman asked me why my blog was the bestest blog ever? 
the answer I believe is because it is mine.. 
I try to think of it as a best because I write genuinely and I hope you feel that way too.. 
it might not be the bestest blog for you - but for me - it is!

P.S- I wish I was here: right now!

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