January 7, 2011


Recently I have been into herbal drinks/teas.. 
not those you can buy but those you can make..
I will try to share some recipe's as I try them myself.. 

I really believe that you will enjoy this Orange & Cinnamon.. the fragrance itself is soothing.. and makes the room smell just perfect.. I was hesitant about the taste, but believe me it is just soothing.. 
This drink is known to be fat burning.. the cinnamon itself is used in many remedies for weight loss and fat burning.. and believe me it is better than using any of those processed teas or drinks..


Orange & Cinnamon
what you need: 
1 orange 
2 cinnamon sticks
1 litre water
1 pan

Start boiling the water in your pan.. while the water is heating up put the 2 cinnamon sticks in.. Peel the orange and put the peels in the pan..
let the water boil..
you will see the color change as it boils.. when bubbles come up let it boil for another minute..
and you are done!


let me know how you like it!

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