January 19, 2011


how hard can it be to pack a 1 bedroom apartment?
apparently really hard.. 

I started with books and DVD's and moved into my closet.. 
but I feel bad putting each garment into a space bag or my luggage.. 
I feel I am disobeying this code between us.. 

Like I am putting them away for good.. 
but I guess it is better than giving them away or just throwing them.. I will be taking them back with me which is the whole point.. 

I have so many memories in this apartment.. each piece of decoration or junk just brings out the feelings I had when I got them..
packing them into boxes is not easy.. 

sorry for being such a bad blogger.. all my time spent here, I want it to count.. I am not spending much time on my computer.. 
I am either out with "my baby" and friends or I am packing..(tying to anyways)

but.. hope to see you soon

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