January 15, 2011

another last night affair

yet another Last Night in Istanbul, yet another Last Night to spend with parents for a while.. 
yet another Last Night affair.. 

however, things are different now..
I am not packing like crazy, putting everything I will miss in my luggage.. 
Instead I am putting small luggages into bigger ones, using space and just taking 2 skinny jeans and maybe a sweater.. yes, that is it!
how come? 

I believe more of you know that I am moving back to Istanbul than any of my friends' do. 
none of them do except for Ali and a couple of girl friends and ofcourse "my baby" and our friends.. 

but from DC: none!

I feel really weird.. I feel not as myself today.. because I don't have that feeling I usually have when I go to the states.. 
I am not anxious.. I am not rushing from one room to another.. I am just plain.. 
Plain doing nothing.. and writing a post.. 

I look at my saying goodbye post from last August.. a post about yet another last night in Istanbul.. 
things are different.. I believe you can feel the difference even in my words.. 

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