January 10, 2011

little girl is big girl

2 minutes ago, my mom called me downstairs..
even though she knows I don't have the energy to walk downstairs (I stayed home all day today because I got the cold)

but when I came down I saw what was waiting for me.. 
my mom and dad, standing next to the table, in the middle of the living room.. 
she had a small plate in her hand.. 

and she was singing this uncoordinated song that she made up, in place of a happy birthday song.. 
little girl is big girl, little girl is big girl
she went on until I got the candle to stop burning.. (magic candle- mom laughed so hard)
she liked the idea that I got plenty of wishes.. 

If you are asking what this chocolate macaroon and the candle is for? 
I got a job!

Remember the meeting I told you about before? 
Well, I got the call today confirming that I am good to go.. 

I guess mom is right? little girl is big girl.. 
I never realized I grew up until these past weeks..

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