August 14, 2011

new hair

I got a new haircut! After leaving the hospital, and all that cortisone that I took, I felt like my hair got - plain.. it just wasn't healthy.. so, it was time to cut it off...
the photo above is right when I left the "coiffeur".. and the below are taken just for fun.. 

the color is not obvious in any of the photos, but I am loving the color of my hair - nothing done to it.. but when it got short, the blond parts (the tips) got cut off, so now, I have my natural color and a few highlights within.. which I am loooviinnggg right now.. mama and papa like the cut, so do my friends.. and as for "my baby" even though he is not much of a fan of short hair, I think he likes it too.. 

like it???

1 comment:

Alara Kap said...

Ben seni yerim guzel arkadasim benim love you sooo much!


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