August 7, 2011

countdown is on!

last night in the hospital!!.. oh, how I waited for this day to come.. when we first were packing to come to the hospital, I thought these 10 days were never going to end.. now, me and mom just packed all our clothes, all my books, DVD's and other stuff, and are ready for the morning... 

tomorrow morning will be like any other - that I have spent in here.. 6:30am wake-up with a blood drive, then breakfast, and then the medication.. but once all that is done- it will be time for check out! and I am hoping mom will take care of it ASAP ! 

I miss my home.. my view.. my bed.. my DiDi.. oh, I miss my DiDi so much.. I can not wait to hold her in my arms and just squeeze her until she cries for help.. I don't think I will let her go. 

so now that I am moving back home (once again in my life), there are going to be some changes to be made.. 

for me to be living a better life, and trying not to get back to this situation again, there are things I should be taking care of, but as life is life - one can never be sure and prepare enough... 

but as the countdown goes, and time flies.. here are some of my To-Do's from now on! 
(I hope to do these - I am so in the mood of doing them right now and I am hoping that the list will become a part of my life!)

see you tomorrow from home.. 

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