August 22, 2011

back in business!

Back from resting for 20 days... I am back in business! I am back in the office, back at work.. reading and deleting and replying to emails all day.. figuring out what it was that I do at work and what functionality I have..
It feels good to be back..!

we had an amazing weekend.. spending time with friends does boost ones morale and happiness levels.. I did learn to appreciate friends more while I was in the hospital.. everyone needs a support group, a circle of friends that they can rely on.. and you know what, it doesn't matter if you know people for 20 years or just for a few months, because people can surprise you.. those you have known the longest may not even be there for you, but those you have just known for a few months may not even leave your bedside and try to be there with you through it all... so, please do tell those friends you have how much you love and appreciate them.. because I learned it the hard way!

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