August 2, 2011

how does time pass in here?

no seriously.. life apparently starts early in a hospital.. you wake up around 6, 6:30. and your day begins. it does end early.. ends with the last visitor.. then the whole day comes upon you.. a feeling of tiredness, the weight of it all.. one thing that strikes me most is seeing how my mom changes.. my dad or "my baby" is the last one to leave usually.. and as soon as they are gone, I see her shoulders bend down, the weight of it all on her.. during the day, she stares at me.. never leaves my side.. looks right into my eyes, to see if I am feeling any pain, whether I am cheerful or tired, whether I am bored or just plain me.. 

days are going by.. one way or another.. but I have realized how wonderful my life is.. how grateful I shall be.. the friends I have in my life.. the friends my parents have.. seeing that I can rely on people to support me and my family when we need support, I think is one thing to be most thankful for. 

a day ends, as I said before, around the last rounds in the hospital, the last blood pressure, temperature check.. then it's time for mom and me to go to sleep.. like we are about to do in less than 20 mins.. 

good night and sleep tight.. and don't forget to be grateful to and for the ones you have beside you.. 

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Anonymous said...

cok cok gecmis olsun, Allah sifa versin.


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