February 4, 2011

new twitter account

Ok, I really don't understand twitter and how it actually works.. people writing what they are doing every second or what the @ or the # means and their uses.. I just don't get it.. but due to a friends request I opened a new account and deactivated the other one I had for this blog! (the blog one did not work well, because I never posted anything!)
so.. twitter here I come.. I'll try to be like other people and tweet tweet like crazy.. but don't expect much from me.. though when you think about it if a 10 yr old can do it so should I, right?

Bir arkadasimin istegi uzerine twitter actim tekrarda.. onceden de bir hesabim vardi - bu blog icin acmistim- fakat durmadan ne yaptigimi yazmak sacma geldigi icin cok basarili olamadim "tweet"lemekte.. simdi bu arkadasimin istegi uzerine yeniden twittera dondum.. ne ise yaradigini, ve daha nasil kullanildigini tam ogrenemedim.. @ ler yada # lar ne ise yariyor, cozmem biraz zaman alicak sanirsam.. ama 10 yasindaki cocuk yapiyorsa ben neden basaramayim? 

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