February 2, 2011

bye bye DC, friends and "my baby"

I know I have been a bad bad blogger for these past weeks.. but please do understand.. 
I was in between packing and spending time with friends and "my baby"
and now is the day I say Goodbye to my hometown for the last time..
and step into a new life..

I never expected this day to come however here it is.. 
I heave tears in my eyes, fear in my bones, sadness all over my body..
I am a little excited to start this whole new life in Istanbul, with a new job waiting for me, a new move to a new place with a view with my family.. 
however the sorrow is much bigger right now...
for my dearest DC fellows:
I will be counting the days till I see you guys again.. 
I will be waiting for you, reminding myself of the wonderful memories we have and the fun we experienced all together.. I will miss you all...

for my lovely "my baby":
You are my one and only.. you are so special for me that words cannot explain..
I am experiencing a warmth that no one can experience.. (I hope everyone does one day)
I hope we will survive this gap between us and be stronger than ever.. 
take care of yourselves!
and remember me each and everyday..

kisses from Istanbul..

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