October 19, 2010

got the news - waiting for the flight to DC

about a week ago, 
i started a countdown for my parents -when they would arrive in DC.. 
and finally my father got the tickets.. 
they are actually coming.. 
after all these years.. 
i missed them a lot.. 

well, yes, them coming by means a whole list of TO DO's.. 
but still..
it's parents.. its family.. 

so here are a few pictures from the past.. 
can't wait to take new ones :) 

{papa et moi... }

{this photo is from years ago.. i think it was after fall semester, coming back from NY, and this actually is at the airport}

{i love this pic of mom and I}

{miss you guys} 
{freshman year - it was their last night in DC} 

1 comment:

Mary said...

Awww! So cute! You look just like your Mom!!


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