October 25, 2010

Project Runway - Finale Part1

 I am watching the Finale Part 1 episode right now instead of studying.. 
-yes, I do like to procrastinate
ok, back to our issue in hand

I have to state the obvious : 
i mean look at this cute, short, incredibly sweet guy and his 
incredibly fashionable designs.. 
I would love to wear his designs, I would love to see his designs on anyone, everyone..

I love his craziness.. the uniqueness that he brings.. 
and oh, his mixture of texture and patterns.. 

Micheal - I never thought he was a strong designer.. not a bad one ofcourse but I never thought he was strong enough to make it to the finale... 
do you remember McKell from the first episode.. I felt so bad when she left.. even though we knew her only for 40 mins.. with Micheal, even though he was hysterical at the end of this episode, I did not feel the sadness I felt with McKell..sorry Micheal

Gretchen - oh that Gretchen.. 
I would not wear one of her designs.. Well, I can't remember one I would wear.. 

Andy - this guy is unique.. really unique..
I loved the boot pants he made - do you remember.. 
those wear incredible!

I think I better get back to my studies, they are staring at me

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