October 24, 2010

today was a good day

I woke up really late today- and I am so happy about it..
I woke up with DiDi by myside and the image of "my baby" looking at me..
taking a shower, getting ready for a warm saturday.. 

had a nice walk to georgetown w/ ms.DiDi and "my baby".. got to Peacock, 
had a late lunch..
had a mani/pedi.. ticklish I am.. ended with lots of laughs and gorgeous red nails

then we went to anthropologie.. I just couldn't control myself- anymore.. 
had to buy something.. 
so I did.. will share them later :) 
with another list of my wants.. (new shopping list of must haves)

then to our favorite place.. 
cappuccino and macaroons

oh! we saw a mice..
no, not kidding.. 
it was so small..
i have never seen a mice before.. i have seen rats since we are in DC, but never a mice..
i think they are called hazel mouse
{can you see it?}
{yep, it's that little brown thing}
{it was so fast that I had to try a couple of times to catch a good pic, I think this is the best one}

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