October 26, 2010

a few lines of:

I love: 
"my baby". family. parents. the sea. love. casablanca (the movie). istanbul (the city). DiDi. Seth. pens. pencils. music. cotton candy. bananas. tattoos. my tattoos. quotes. purple. nail polish. bubble bath. bumble bee. mac book pro. ice cream. mint chocolate chip. you. me. nikon. the beatles. diamonds. dogs. t-shirts. converse. tory burch. DVF. bloglovin. happiness. life. sun. night. writing. photography. socks. cupcakes. candy apple. white mocha. chanel. urban outfitters. picnik. washington DC. family guy. cap ou pas cap. turtle. baking. not baking. disney. nemo. toy story. beauty. the beast. cream cheese. diet coke. green tea. victorias secret. ceramics. psychology. advertisement. tv. movies. black clothing. words. books. catcher in the rye. freja. leopard. furry. curls. straight. brown. blond. brunette. hearts. smile. diet peach snapple. candles. room sprays. sleep. dreams. stars. nakedness. rain. pillow. red nails. french manicure. skype. picnik. internet. cards. roulette. vogue. people. laughs. tears. drama. hopes. weheartit. comments.


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