September 26, 2011

price of style


I adore looking at Sartariolist, Vogue, WhoWhatWear and other sites and blogs for fashion inspiration. And when I share my admiration with some friends there is the common idea that, those gorgeous women and men, spend money on their looks; the garments they are wearing. However, I believe it is not just how much money they are spending on their closet that makes them look that amazing and inspirational. there is something else!

You can spend $1000 on a top and still look ridiculously awful, we see those kind of women and men everyday. If you don’t have style, the garment you are wearing will not save you. Imagine a wedding: everyone spends tons of money on their dresses, hair, make-up.. dresses especially. Why? Because they want to experience the glam for the time being. Try to remember the last wedding you were at.. gorgeous women right.. handsome men.. now try to remember the details, those you forgot.. or thought/wished you did. Do you remember that lady that wore the most expensive dress but looked no funnier than a clown?

I do. That look had nothing to do about the dress, the dress itself was amazing and would probably have looked amazing on another person. However the lady that wore it, was not part of the look itself. She did not know how to carry the dress, how to accessorize it, how to move in it.

That explains my point.. but lets dwell a little bit more shall we?

Think of your office now, or classroom.. look around you.. think of the dinner you had yesterday with your special someone, and re-imagine the people around you.

I am sure there were those ladies and gents that caught your eye because they looked sleek and polished. But think about those who looked gruesome… got it?

Lets take a man as an example now. A suit, a shirt, pair of jeans, shoes etc.. imagine your handsome, groomed men.. now imagine another man in his garments.. you shouldn’t have the same image twice in your mind now. Those two men should be looking completely different in the same clothing choice.. why? Because they are different themselves. Their body types, their looks, their self image.

Two men should not look alike, as shall two women should not.

I know those who spend money on 10 pieces that others might spend the same amount on just 1 piece. But the thing is they both have different tastes, they carry their garments, pair them ,accessorize them in different ways.

An T by Alexander would look completely different with a sequined blazer and a pair of leggings on one, than a T by Alexander shirt with leggings. Two of the same garments, but one look with an extra gist. Get my rhythm?

I do agree that spending money on expensive clothes has its pros. The garment, the cut, the sewing might be more reliable and detailed. But that still does not mean it gives the women or men their astonishing look.

One thing I try to do myself and tell others is; get to know yourself, your body. Your own pros and cons. Know what suits you. What you feel comfortable in. May it be high heals or just Toms slippers, know it an build around it. Don’t try to be or look like someone else. You never will be the same. Appreciate the fact that you will never be the same with someone else, as being different should matter more. (there are too many people trying to look the same, or like someone else – be different!) No matter how much your clothes have cost you, whether $800 or $5, the way you feel is what’s important!

Style comes within.. get inspired but don’t be a copycat! try to be happy

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Anonymous said...

buradan da solemis olayim :) Seni cooook ozledim ve coooooookkkk seviyorum meloooooo.


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