September 14, 2011

feeling a little blue, and imagining a little purple


sometimes it feels good to make no sense, even though you might be feeling blue.. even though you might be wishing the world was all purple..

sometimes it makes much more sense to imagine yourself in a cloud, sleeping on it, looking over the world, over those people who seem like ants to you, those problems that made you cry seem to not exist..

sometimes, being crazy has its benefits – believe me! you can step back, and look at a situation in a totally new way, which instead of making you sad then gets you to be happy and appreciate the life you’ve got. not much people can do that, if you can , hold on to it, hug it out!

if you can’t be crazy once in a while, surround yourself with people who can do it, who can become as crazy as you wish you were.. and they will make your world purple, or pink, or just a rainbow.

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