September 3, 2011

boom boom boom..

{this post was meant to be submitted a week ago - but I must have forgot}
even brighter than the moon moon moon.. I can go on and on.. I woke up to this song in my head, and haven’t been able to get rid of it..
maybe its because I am going away with “my baby” and other friends, for 5 days.. Can’t wait for it.. We leave tomorrow, early in the morning, so that we don’t waste the day on the road.. and then I am off until Saturday..I know I will have plenty of work I will need to do, but that does not bother me.. the fact that I will not be in Istanbul is an enough boost of morale just by itself!
I look forward to every second of this vacation, just to relax and have fun.. I still have to be careful and take care of myself – due to my condition, but there is nothing to stop me from having a good time..
~this post was meant to be published yesterday and not now, while waiting for our flight~…
off we go.. take care xoxo

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