July 31, 2011

lit d'hôpital

I am on a 10 day leave.. due to being in lit d'hôpital.. I am not gonna go into details about whats going on and why I am here.. but just to let you know there are 2 options that make come out of this situation: only 2 about this blog  - 

  1.           Either I will post like crazy (since I m in a bed all day and don't have much to do then to be online and post  - the posts may not be very very cheerful, and I hope they will not be about my current dwellings and life - but we'll see...)                                   OR
  2. I will not be able to post a lot.. if I take yesterday as a starting point, my room was never empty.. but never ever.. I had to walk away from my own bed and room to get air and breath.. 

so here are the 2 options I am left with - either MILLIONS  of posts or NONE.. 
time will show.. 

please do take care of yourselves! 


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