October 8, 2011


I keep on getting tears in my eyes.. no matter whats going on.. whether it is a good day or whether it is just a hell of a day.. for a second when I get lost in my thoughts I get tears.. tears that I try to control but am not very good at handling.. even if something good happens, or something good is said to me, I don't see the good in it anymore..

I am not sure, why I feel this way.. maybe because it was a busy busy week and continues to be one.. or whether I am sleepless, and will continue to be sleep deprived.

I am sitting in an airport, writing this post with tears filling up, for no reason.. no reason at all.. i am starting to think there is something wrong with me.. wonder what that is..

Anyways.. so this post feels like I am writing in my diary.. but here it goes..

Have a nice weekend everyone.. and hope yours is tearless!


Alara Kap said...

Melo'm I'm always here if you need me

Anonymous said...

Hello, nice site. Posted by myself in bookmarks

The Chic Sheet said...

I hope those tears dry up :)



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