October 26, 2011


I realized that I haven’t been involved in this blog as much as I used to, or wanted to.. I had let go for a while.. and felt the emptiness in me get bigger as days go by.. and now I just found a correlation between the emptiness and this blog.. as I move away from it, the emptiness gets bigger and bigger.. as I write more, I feel more fulfilled and joyful..

so what did we learn from this? that I have to write more and share more..

I do have to apologize, from you and from “seeking happiness” itself.. sorry I have been away.. and kept to myself – instead of sharing my life; whatever it may be..

from now on- things are going to change.. and I am hoping to be more involved and active in my “seeking happiness” journey!

what has happened in my life since I have been away – not much to be honest.. I guess that’s why I kept to myself and held myself from the happiness that I could have shared with you.. I don’t have much in my life that moves the butterflies in my stomach, nor anything that gives me a days worth of smiles and joy..

the only thing that I am looking forward to is my trip to the US, to Washington,DC – my hometown, to “my baby”..

and one more thing – to a possible new job that is on the horizon.. more details may come later.. maybe soon..

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