January 21, 2012


change happens so quick in life.. one second makes a difference as does the time frame of a year..
so much happens in 1 year that is made up of all the seconds that make up a minute..

One has no option other than to comply with the change brought upon them.. there is no street that will make the road shorter nor a door to exit from..

think of this last week.. I am sure you had seconds that changed your whole day.. a comment made in the morning that made you smile, a women who walked in front of you suddenly while driving that made you startle.. of just a headache that got you to sleep and missed your favorite TV show...

I know these are not huge changes in ones life.. but what I am trying to get at is.. a minute counts in life.. you never know what might happen in just a second..
change is how life progresses.. how we move forward..
if there wasn't any change in our lives we would be stuck.. frozen..

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idonthaveaname said...

change is what makes us feel alive...each change brings something beautiful or something bad but you know there are so many feelings in life... if you don't feel any of them once in your lifetime, don't count yourself among those who really lives... feel that live every moment... love you!


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