January 2, 2012

i have a friend

a dear friend to me.. I met him not a long time ago.. but not so soon either.. he was with me every day when I went through the tough phase this summer.. that's when we grew closer..

I always think I have figured him out..and I do believe that I have.. I know his habits, I know when he is down, when something pissed him.. or what's so ever.. but then.. I remember how hard he tries to block his feelings around people.. how much stuff he has in his head, that he thinks about.. may it be his job, women coming and going in his life.. or just a comment he got from someone..

I try talking to him.. and you know what - he does open up to me.. I think he likes that I listen to him.. and pay attention.. he gets so excited when he tells me a story from his past, or just something that happened 2 minutes ago.. i love that he has this childish excitement in him..
I also like that he has that childish look in his eyes, when he gets excited.. but those eyes.. also are mirrors to his inner dwellings..
I sometimes wonder what else does he have in that brain of his? how tired is his sole? what is he fighting against?
He is usually in a chillaxxx mode, however in a second he becomes this other person that is totally the opposite than his previous version..

so anyways.. I don't know why I am writing about him right now..but I just thought about him.. and realized we haven't talked in a while..

I should catch him in the office tomorrow and buy him a coffee..

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