June 24, 2011


By the time you make it to 1st grade, you learn how important friends are.. you learn that life is hard without friends.. first day of school you try to spot the person that you think you will be friends forever..
I'm sure many of you are like me.. I have friends I have known all my life.. I have lots contact with some.. time does that.. and then there are those who come into our lives when you are all grown up.. those who have lived and who have been hurt.. who can appreciate real friends and friendships.. so this post goes out to all of my friends.. who I have met, one time or another.. who are in my life now.. and those who are not - for what reason it may be.. I cherish your friendship and the memories you have given me, and those that we will form together.

Derin - specifically you.. this post goes out to you!
Thank you for being my friend, being my brother, being in my life.. and always and always listening to me.. no matter what.. and thank you for loving me the way you do.. :) I love you too...

P.S - "my baby" is coming home.. he will land in 2 hours, so you can guess my excitement..

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