April 5, 2012

happy birthday Daddy

I want to tell you many things.. yet no email, no dinner, no conversation and no hug&kisses can help me to tell you.. However I will try..



You are the strongest person I have known in my life.. yet you have the heart of a 3 year old boy – that runs around and gives hugs to strangers..

You are the first person I have loved.. as a huge and old girl, I love the fact that I can still come over and sit on your lap..


-Daddy daddy I wanna icecream!

-You don’t want an icecream you want a big smash on you’re a**!




I know sometimes life is hard and not easy.. I know that life brings us lemons, so we have to make lemonades out of them..


Let’s make the best lemonades out of them..


Do you need anybody?
I need somebody to love.
Could it be anybody?
I want somebody to love.


I know we have been through much.. even thou I have been with you for only 24 years out of your amazing 56 years of experience.. yet believe me those 24 years were amazing for me – just to have you and mommy in my life is always enough for me.. oh! And also DiDi…

We all went through hard times, sickness, economic business and whatever life may bring on.. yet all these made us stronger.. we learned to appreciate life better.. to enjoy it..


After this summer and after the whole MS thing – I learned why you always smile, and try not to get stuck on the “small” things.. life is too short..

There is no need to get held on things that won’t matter tomorrow.. cause there is only a few things that do matter tomorrow..

You, mommy and me.. our happiness and our health.. being together.. being together.. that’s all that matters.. "Ask yourself this question: Will this matter a year from now? "


Jumping jack flash, it's a gas




I am so lucky to have you in my life.. to have you as my dad but also to have you as my best friend..

I love the fact that I can come over and talk to you about anything.. girl business, about boys, about work.. about happiness..

Just about life..

Thank you daddy for being who you are, thank you for being you.. and thank you for loving us the way you do..

I love the memories I have with you and can’t wait for the new ones…

I love you! Happy birthday Dad.. it’s amazing to have you in our lives..


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