March 6, 2012

no more Paris

the only post I could write about Paris was Paris Day 1, no more to come.. as Paris is over.. I am on my way back home.. waiting at the airport for my flight.. (this post was meant for Sunday, March 4th)
Paris was life changing in a sense.. I am going through a change that I am not sure how to explain, put into words or even feel..

I guess you never know what's going to happen in a second later than now..

A friend asked me yesterday if I thought I was a good person or not? at first I said, I hope I was. He said he didn't ask me whether I hoped or not but what I thought about myself.. For a second (minute) I couldn't reply.. I thought about all the people I have hurt, in the past, in near past.. all the people who I might have offended in some way or another, disappointed..

I still do not have an answer to this.. I think it's not important what I think of myself but is important what others would say..
I wonder what my friends would say... what those in my past would say.. I do wonder..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

U r soo good person M. As I've seen, u always try to be nice and not just escape from hurting people, also in special interest with them too. It can be so important sometimes... If u hurt them on pupose in somewhere in your life I'm pretty sure they deserve it:)

I think it's enough for being good. But of course in this messy, busy life we don't have time and money (at least for me:)) for doing things for helping poor people, for make our universe more green or other mercyfull beautifull things. But if we do these things too it makes us PERFECT person not just good person:)What do u thing?


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