February 24, 2012

happy birthday

this is a late post.. yet, there is no time to say how much I love you.. and how lucky I am to have you in my life..

My bestest best best friend RKA had his birthday last Monday, 20th of Feb..


A nice group of friends met at Lucca – amazing spot.. (I really should do a post about Lucca – if you knew how much time I spend there you would agree)

anyways.. back to the birthday.. last year I wasn’t with Kaan during his birthday which made me sad.. since we spent a whole lot of birthdays together..

my dear Kaan, I don’t think I said it much.. I think I should say it again.. I am so lucky to have you in my life.. as a friend, as family..

You are so dear to me that words cannot explain.. you are my safe place, which I come to, where I know there are no bad feelings, no heartaches, no prejudices.. just simple love.. just simple 1:1 time..

Happy Birthday Love.. May all the happiness be yours..

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