May 5, 2011

all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

I have been singing this song constantly today, due to the fact that I am leaving tomorrow morning.. for DC.. I am more then excited.. I just packed.. I still am not done.. I am sitting in a pile of socks and make-up and tech gadgets.. So once you realize the 3 piles I told you are completely irrelevant to one another, you might understand why it is taking me so long to finish.. 

Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane..

What have I packed? Everything!!!!
I do not care.. A girl graduates only once..
and I am going to see my friends, and of course "my baby".. 
So I just can't decide what I am going to be wearing the next 10 days.. 
so I got everything.. 

Thinking the weather would be nice (hopefully - for a change after the rain in Istanbul), I packed lots of dresses.. all flowery summer dresses, tiny, mini dresses, and short, and t-shirts.. and no coats! 
I do not want to wear a coat on May - I am protesting Global Warming in some way!

Ladies and Gentelman.. 
due to the fact that I will be in DC and with friends and "my baby", 
I might not be, and I believe that I will not be the best blogger for a while.. 

I will try to do my best.. but please do not hold your breath until I come back.. 

Until next time.. take care.. 
and if you are in DC let me know.. 

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Anait said...

Have a great trip!!! Enjoy every minute :)


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