November 21, 2011

hectic but exciting

these past weeks have been hectic.. not bad but hectic in some sense…

I have a lot to share – I kept myself from writing much, but will talk now..

I went through a role change in our company.. these are really exciting times for me.. I am energized and I am looking forward to what ever is to come my way.. I know there are tons of challenges that I need to overcome, however instead of these challenges bothering me – I am letting them energize and motivate me.. (one has to find new ways to motivate themselves to survive in such an unstable world)..

each day I am learning more and more about myself and the company I work for.. I am learning more about people, from those who work around me, from those I interact with and those whom I only watch from far far away…

Last week, Monday was my start date in my new role.. so that’s workwise blabbing..

the week before, we had Eid here in Turkey, so I packed my bags and went to the States to see “my baby”, my parents tagged along.. it was such an amazing time.. I hated that I had only a week to be with him but still, time is precious and time spent with him is priceless..

and you know what, when I left to come back home, I counted the days till the next time I would see him, it was only 5 weeks.. not bad I thought to myself..

last week Friday, he popped out of no where – he came to Turkey, for thanksgiving and surprised me! I have such an amazing boyfriend! I love him, just the way he is.. I do I do.. I do love him..

so life wise.. what else.. not much actually.. I am consumed by love and work.. which is fine for me, just the way I imagined my life when I was 10 years old – I guess..

I realized one thing about myself, which I really liked.. no matter what might come my way, I realized that I look forward to the next day.. or the next hectic day that might come.. because you do not grow out of ‘just’ happiness.. you need that hectic-city to let you grow and mature away.. true? so true!

HAVE A HECTIC but EXCITING DAY, week, month, life …

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