November 7, 2010

The Social Network

I have been waiting for this movie for so long. Being part of the culture that is growing up with all this social networking, the tweeting, blogging, and of course the facebooking. Actually I think facebook was the first social network site I have ever joined and kept my account at. Let's get to the movie..

Many friends told me that it was not good, not worthy of watching. But as I said, I had to see it.
So the other day, "my baby" and I went for it..

I really loved the opening seen where Zuckerberg and his (ex)girlfriend are in a bar, talking, fighting.. I really loved the scenes which we saw the idea flow of this weird genius, how he wrote everything he thought to his -live journal.. kept going and going with no filters or limits.. that's when I  knew, I would be smiling when I was watching this movie..

throughout the movie I gave giggles, and smiles, and "my baby" was actually curious to why.. -because I adored Zuckerberg's cluelessness of human interaction, and how he made everyone feel weird and tiny with his insights.. that guy just made me laugh..

One thing to keep in mind is that the social network was directed by David Fincher.. a master mind I must say.. previous work: Se7en, Fight Club, Curious Case of Benjamin Button.. (oh look, Brad Pitt is in all of them..hmmm?) All incredible movies, all movies a must watch before you die kind.. I think if Fincher was not the director and someone else was, then this movie would probably suck.. but..
right now - I would say watch it..

Watch it- because it actually shows us kinda the truth behind this whole phenomenon that is in our daily lives.. I know people checking their facebook a million times.. I know people obsessed about checking their ex's photos and relationship statuses.. well- this movie shows how facebook became facebook...

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